Medical Cannabis Registration Process

Are you interested in CMIE’s medical cannabis clinic?

Please take the time to read through the information below and complete the registration form.

Information and documents required for registration for the
CMIE Medical Cannabis Clinic

  • It will be important to provide a list of the tests and examinations you have undergone (relevant to your request), as well as a list of the health professionals you have consulted, including the various doctors who are treating you.  
  • Once the application is received and the documents are completed, a member of our team will contact you to schedule an appointment.
  • This first appointment will be a comprehensive data collection with educational information on therapeutic cannabis. It can be either with the specialized nurse or the doctor. 
  • This appointment can be done on site or via telemedicine depending on the case and the situation.

Terms and follow-up pricing

The CMIE is a private medical clinic. Therefore, there are fees associated with the treatment and follow-up of therapeutic cannabis. Please take note of the terms and conditions of follow-up and associated fees, which are subject to change without prior notice.  

If you have any questions regarding fees or follow-up procedures, please contact us by email at or by phone at 450-332-2430.  

Additional fees are applicable for any insurance, disability or other forms. The fees will be adjusted according to the file to be studied (file management fees).  

Research project

Please note that the CMIE clinic can subscribe to clinical research concerning medical cannabis treatments. If CMIE is involved in a research project, you will be informed and given the opportunity to provide your consent to participate. In this case, the registration and follow-up criteria specific to the research project will have to be respected.  


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