Pain Management

Chronic pain management: Get back to an active life!

Pain management care is offered by Dr. Lyne Desautels and her team of healthcare professionals. The team favours a multidisciplinary approach and complementary therapies, both with pharmacological therapy and with an approach that evaluates the factors that contribute to your pain. The goal is to develop individualized treatment plans that address specific needs and helps to achieve optimal pain relief. 

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Services offered

  • Intra-articular infiltration   
  • Adjustment of medication   
  • Global therapy and multimodal approach and may be combined with:
    • osteopathy;
    • acupuncture;
    • hypnotherapy;
    • breathing therapy
    • posturology;
    • ART and fascia therapy;
    • nutrition; and
    • functional evaluation   
  • Ad hoc and concerted consultations with the participation of selected specialists and partners  
  • Medical cannabis   


Information and Consultation

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