Virtual Appointments

Even at home, we are there for you – thanks to modern telemedicine techniques!

We offer virtual appointments with a health professional through secure and confidential telemedicine technology, allowing for real-time consultations and follow-ups from your home, enabling patients to receive quality care without the need to travel to the clinic. 


CMIE offers you the opportunity to consult your doctor through remote medicine via your computer or telephone.  

Telemedicine is a medical consultation that puts the patient in contact with one or more doctors and, if necessary, other health professionals at a distance.  

The concept of distance (telemedicine or teleconsultation) means that you and your doctor are not in each other’s presence. The patient and the healthcare professional are using a computer with camera or via telephone.  

This telemedicine service includes:

  • teleconsultation  
  • tele-expertise 


Information and Consultation

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