Nurse Care

At home or in clinic

Our clinic offers excellent nursing care services provided by a team of highly skilled and dedicated nurses who work closely with physicians to provide patient-centred care. 

Our services

  • Blood sampling and screening
  • Vaccination service  
  • Medical care and follow-up in clinic/home/telephone 
  • Postoperative care, wound care, dressings  
  • Care of intravenous catheters and other care
  • Blood pressure and diabetes monitoring  
  • Assessment and management of chronic diseases  
  • Weight loss program  
  • Desensitization  
  • Rapid Strep (throat culture)
  • Management and follow-up  
    • Hypertension  
    • Diabetes (medication adjustment, nutritional advice and others.)  
    • Teaching and treatment of osteoporosis (injections)  

  • Cardiovascular prevention  
    • ECG  
    • MAPA  
    • Venous Doppler  
    • Dyslipidemia (cholesterol)  
  • Other type of appointments
    • Contraception
    •   Pap smear (pap-test)
    • Counselling for sexually transmitted and bloodborne infections (STBI)
    • Vaccination update  
    • Ear cleaning  
    • Emergency by appointment 


Information and Consultation

What clients are saying

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