ADHD Screening and Mental Health Disorders

Mental health, Alzheimer’s disease, burnout, anxiety disorders, etc.

We have a team of experienced healthcare professionals who can evaluate and diagnose these conditions, and provide appropriate treatment options for ADHD and cognitive disorders including therapy, counselling, and medication to improve patients’ symptoms and quality of life. 

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Our approach to the treatment of cognitive and mental health disorders  

A team where the human-being is at the centre of our concerns. Our specialists have a targeted approach to the screening and treatment of depression, burnout, bipolar disorder, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and cognitive disorders.  

  • Assessment of signs and symptoms, underlying disorders and functional limitations  
  • Pharmacotherapy: expected and undesirable effects, adherence to treatment  
  • Education of the person and/or their family  
  • Prevention and mental health promotion activities 

ADHD and mental health disorders

  • Attention deficit disorder (ADHD)   
    • Screening and treatment with multidisciplinary therapeutic approaches   
  • Early detection of memory disorders   
  • Screening tests:   
    • MMSE  
    • MOCA   
  • Assessment of loss of autonomy  
  • Supervision and psycho-biosocial support   
  • Orientation and collaboration with specialized resources  


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