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Dare to be!

A life coach works with clients to identify areas of their life where they want to make changes and create a plan to help them achieve those changes. Our clinic offers life coaching services to support our patients’ physical, emotional, and overall well-being. 

Our approach

Coaching focuses on the “how” to get there rather than the “why” it doesn’t work. It helps to determine the objectives, the mobilization of personal resources and the motivation to achieve the goals.  

For Jacques Lavoie, self-esteem and self-assertion, respect and non-judgment are the foundations of human evolution. It is from these principles that he has developed his practice and his facilitation.  

Services offered

  • Accompanying and helping to move from suffering to freedom of being, from pain to inner peace, from mist to sunshine, from lack of esteem to confidence.  
  • To accompany and help you to harmonise your past and your present so that you are in tune with your environment and then open the way to a serene future.  
  • To accompany you towards the realization, the expansion and the freedom of BEING that you deserve.  
  • To accompany and help you choose well-being, happiness and love, because happiness is a conscious choice. 

Jacques Lavoie, Life Coach, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

Since its opening in 2012, Jacques Lavoie has joined the CMIE’s health team, where he offers his unique expertise in life coaching as a partner in complementary health services.  


Personal and couple life coach (NLP), naturopath, music therapist and human relations consultant for small and medium-sized businesses, Jacques Lavoie has been working in personal development for over 30 years. He is a man of heart and passionate about human relations.  


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