Lyme Disease Clinic Registration Process

Are you interested in the CMIE Lyme Disease Management Clinic? Please take the time to read the information below which outlines the details of the clinic.

Information and documents required for registration at the CMIE Lyme Disease Management Clinic

It is essential that the clinic doctor and other professionals who will accompany you are familiar with the care you have received to date. Patients with Lyme disease have often been under the care of others, and the history of your care will be essential in order to provide you with the best possible treatment plan. So here is the information we need to obtain:  

  • List of medications obtained from your pharmacist; 
  • List of recent diagnostic tests you have had in relation to Lyme disease. If you have a copy of the results of these tests, bring it to your first appointment at the Clinic .

Follow-up procedures

The management and follow-up of Lyme disease treatment at the CMIE is complex and is based on the approach recommended by the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), which constitutes an international reference of excellence.

It is precisely this approach that guides the management of patients at the CMIE clinic, advocating a multidisciplinary intervention and integrating in particular a medical approach using antibacterial agents, as well as complementary functional medicine approaches.

This optimal approach requires the collaboration of several health professionals with complementary fields of practice in order to optimize your treatment plan and aim for a cure or significant improvement of your symptoms, while respecting recent and constantly evolving scientific data.  

The first assessment meeting for Lyme disease treatment is usually with the specialized nurse. This meeting takes place soon after your first contact with the clinic staff and allows us to validate your symptoms, to review the questionnaires that you will have completed and to proceed with certain blood tests related to your health condition. These tests must be done in advance so that the results can adequately guide the care team and establish a subsequent treatment plan. This meeting will also allow for a complete examination of your health, to validate the medications you are taking and your reactions to them and to measure several parameters related to your symptoms. Finally, this meeting will also allow you to receive several teachings adapted to your health condition.  

  • Consult the current price list for more information about this service.
  • Expect fees to perform basic blood and heart tests.
  • Additional extensive testing may be required, additional fees will be discussed. 

The physician and the naturopath are health professionals who work in complementarity with each other in order to optimize your treatment plan, as explained in the consent form. Depending on your symptoms, the urgency of your condition or the results of your blood tests, one or the other will intervene first. It is important to note that the majority of patients with Lyme disease have conditions that require interventions to prepare the body to receive the medical treatment. For example, many patients have digestive problems, inflammation, toxicity, etc. These are all examples of conditions that require interventions to improve the chances of successful subsequent medical treatment. 

The doctor will establish the diagnosis and the treatment plan involving antibiotics and other drugs to control the inflammatory and infectious symptoms. The medical check-up allows the diagnosis to be made, depending on whether the disease is acute or chronic. The doctor is able to suggest some more specific tests to clarify the infectious strains from which the patient suffers and thus adjust the medication accordingly. Although there are possibilities to follow up via telemedicine, a first meeting in person is generally necessary to make a more accurate assessment of your health.  

Complete the Lyme Disease Clinic registration form so that we can prioritize your request and give you an appointment. Once the request is received, a member of our team will contact you to schedule an appointment. Appointments are given according to the patient’s problem, so delays may vary. Waiting times for a first appointment may vary.  

Complete the Lyme Disease Clinic Registration Form by following the link below:

Research Project

Please note that the CMIE clinic may subscribe to clinical research concerning the treatment of Lyme disease. If CMIE is involved in a research project, you will be informed and given the opportunity to provide your consent to participate. In this case, the enrolment and follow-up criteria specific to the research project must be respected. 


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