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Blood samples on site

We offer affordable sampling services, including blood works and other type of samplings and sending it to a lab for analysis to diagnose or monitor medical conditions. This service is offered to our patients 14 years old and above.

Our approach

At CMIE, we strive to offer you quality tests that are at the forefront of preventive and current medicine.  

You can make an appointment as an active member of CMIE or simply as an external patient with your laboratory request prescribed by your attending physician.  

Our laboratories have been chosen based on the quality of the tests and the reference values associated with them.  

Since the quality and accuracy of the tests are important to us, we have chosen laboratories that specialize in very specific and cutting-edge fields of expertise. We assure you that the results are communicated to you after a verification and interpretation by a healthcare professional. Following this analysis, we will guide you towards a treatment, lifestyle changes or an appropriate therapy to maintain your health.  

Our sampling services

We offer specialized and personalized profile tests such as  

  • Hormone therapy (andropause / menopause) 
  • Genetic screening (nutritional profile / pharmacological profile) with specialized counseling following results.  
  • Salivary cortisol (adrenal function / stress measurement)  
  • Food allergies and other types of allergies 
  • Immune system function (risk factors for certain cancers)  
  • Pancreatic insufficiency and pancreatic function test (digestive problems with certain foods)  
  • Specialized tests upon request  

Variable availabilities by appointment from Monday to Friday. 


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