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Our clinic offers general health coaching, which is a proactive, holistic approach to help patients achieve their optimal health and well-being, using evidence-based strategies such as lifestyle changes, stress management, and disease prevention. 

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The health coach is THE specialist in behavioural and lifestyle changes. She will help you set up healthy habits that will last and accompany you step by step towards your optimal health. She assists you and encourages you to find your own sources of motivation to take action and succeed. Whether it is to improve your sleep, your energy, your diet, to move better and more, to better manage your stress and learn to relax or meditate, she is your ally. People who are accompanied by a health coach have an 85% greater chance of succeeding in their health change. 

Eugénie Francœur

Certified Health Coach

Eugénie Francœur has a unique background and a wealth of experience. She joins the CMIE team to offer her expertise in the implementation of healthy lifestyle habits. She supports and complements the valuable work of CMIE’s doctors and nurses to help you implement the protocols proposed by these medical experts and/or to change what you need to change.  


Eugénie Francœur became a health coach after having worked for many years in communications, as a journalist, interviewer and speaker.  This career has always been about exploring global health issues around the world, both through scientific medicine and alternative therapies. Eugénie wishes to contribute to a “health revolution”. She is convinced that each individual must take responsibility for his or her own health, i.e. take charge and make choices that are good for you. 

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