Compulsion and food addiction clinic

A new way to treat certain health problems

Here we address the problems of food compulsion, overweight and overeating with a completely different angle: that of addiction.

What is food addiction?

Food addiction is the loss of control over what you eat, regardless of the amount and type of food

It is also coupled with the impression of not being able to stop.  When compulsion is common and generates distress, it can develop into an eating disorder.

Experts in obesity, eating disorders, metabolic diseases; doctors, researchers and psychologists have been exploring for decades the origin of the impotence experienced by so many people in relation to food, especially sugar and processed foods.

Finally, science explodes to show that the brain, more precisely the reward center, is reconfigured in the same way in people who lose control with food as with other psychoactive substances such as alcohol, nicotine or drugs.

Thus, traditional treatments of calorie restriction, moderation, intuitive diet, may, for some people, not at all be the right treatment. It is estimated that between 15 and 30% of people would have an addictive relationship with food..

You can consult Dr Nathaël Leduc Arbour for the following problems:

  • Addictive relationship or food compulsion with or without obesity
  • Food and sugar dependence
  • Binge eating disorder
  • Optimization of health, improvement of chronic diseases with healthy lifestyle, low carb or ketogenic diet
  • Hormonal health of women (menopause, pre-menopause, PMS, PCOS, thyroid)
  • Hormonal health of man (andropause, thyroid)

Dr. Nathaël Leduc Arbour

Graduated from the University of Sherbrooke in family medicine in 2007, Dr Leduc Arbour worked 15 years in perinatal care and followed families in GMF and obstetrical ward in the Laurentians.

She has always had an interest in prevention, supporting her patients to take charge of their health, regain their power through the pivotal moments of their lives.

Following her own fight against morbid obesity since her early twenties, Leduc Arbour explored everything to get out of obsession and shame. After years of loss and recovery of the same 75 pounds, she finally discovered the approach of food addiction and thus was able to apply the right treatment for the right problem. It has completely transformed his life on all levels!

From that moment on, she chose to get more specialized training to acquire in-depth knowledge in addiction medicine (graduate program in addictology at the Université de Sherbrooke) and food addiction treatment (Holistic Medicine of Addiction, led by Bitten Jonsson, pioneer and global expert in the field). Dr. Leduc Arbour is also in the process of being recognized by the order of psychologists as a psychotherapist.

In 2023 she founded Liberté alimentaire, a group support community that accompanies people suffering from an addictive relationship with food. It helps people make lasting changes to finally transform their lives, find peace around food, balance weight and good metabolic health.

In 2024 she joined the dynamic CMIE team to offer her services to people struggling with an addictive relationship with food and hormone replacement therapy.

Specialized training:

• Graduate Micro-Program in Clinical Addiction at the University of Sherbrooke, 2023
• Certification for the SUGAR diagnostic tool, 2022
• Holistic Medicine of Addiction Food Addiction Training with Bitten Jonsson, 2023
• 8-week Mindfulness in Medical Practice with McGill, 2018
• Basic Course in Female Hormone Therapy – Dr. Sylvie Demers, 2021
• Certification in Female and Male Hormone Therapy


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