Book Launch: Mieux vivre la ménopause

Hormones and diet to the rescue by Dr Lyne Desautels and Isabelle Huot

If you’re a woman going through menopause, you know how difficult it can be to deal with. But there’s hope! Dr. Lyne Desautels and Isabelle Huot have just published a new book providing useful information and advice on how to cope with menopause.

This book isn’t just about helping women through menopause, it’s also about understanding this complicated process and its effects on women’s lives. It offers advice on how to cope with physical symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings and sleep problems. In addition, it helps women understand their emotions so they can make healthier choices in dealing with them. Finally, it also addresses lifestyle topics, such as nutrition and exercise, that can help reduce the impact of menopause on your life.

Living better with menopause is certainly possible – the new book by Dr. Lyne Desautels and Isabelle Huot proves it! This dynamic duo of experts has created an invaluable resource containing advice tailored specifically to women going through this transitional period of life.

The authors

Dr. LYNE DESAUTELS has been a family physician for over 25 years and founded the Centre de Médecine Intégrative et Évolutive (CMIE) in 2012. Her approach and background lead her to care for the overall health of her clientele in collaboration with various health professionals. She has developed expertise in the fields of bioidentical hormone therapy, longevity medicine, medical cannabis and Lyme disease. She also participated in the documentary Loto-Méno.

ISABELLE HUOT, PhD in nutrition, has been in private practice for 28 years. She has been a TV, radio, newspaper and magazine columnist for 25 years. A recognized businesswoman, she has launched a complete range of meals and snacks in her online boutique and in 1,000 points of sale in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada.

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