A partnership for health and well-being! 

In February 2024, CMIE opens a point of service in Quebec City at Clinique AURELIA.

CMIE is a network of private clinics of excellence founded in 2012 by Dr. Lyne Desautels, MD. Its mission is to offer preventative and integrative medicine services, giving patients back the power over their overall health. 

CMIE provides its clients with a multidisciplinary team working in a continuum of care and offering effective personalized solutions. Our unique client experience is marked by respect, collaboration, exchange, trust and professionalism.  

Clinique AURELIA is a private family clinic that offers medical consultations and care. It stands out for its quick appointment scheduling, its accessibility, and its team of medical professionals who provide quality care with a human touch.   

Clinique AURELIA offers you personalized, humane health care from a team of experienced professionals who care about you. We offer a quick consultation, within 24 hours (for member emergencies), to give you peace of mind. A consultation at Clinique Aurelia is first and foremost a customer experience. 

1305 Lebourgneuf Blvd., Suite 330 (3rd floor)
Quebec City (QC) G2K 2E4 


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