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Dr. Anne-Isabelle Dionne

Dr. Anne-Isabelle Dionne is a general practitioner who graduated in 2014. She worked full-time in the intensive care units at the Pierre-Boucher Hospital and at the Honoré-Mercier Hospital, as well as in a Family Medicine Group (GMF).

Driven by a passion for health, she founded the non-profit organization Centre Axis in 2018 with the goal of creating a safe and well-supported space for patients looking to take control of their health through the integration of healthy lifestyle habits, all while being compassionately guided by qualified healthcare professionals.

Certified in functional medicine by the Institute for Functional Medicine, Dr. Dionne firmly believes that the future of medicine lies in considering the individual as a whole, providing them with the tools to support health rather than merely treating the disease.

Ready to take on new challenges, in 2023, Dr. Dionne joined the CMIE team to enhance the provision of services to the population in the fields of functional medicine and hormone therapy.

Specialized Training:

  • Complete certification in Functional Medicine (IFMCP) from IFM, 2019 to 2022
  • Basic course in Female Hormone Therapy by Dr. Sylvie Demers, 2021
  • Certification in Hormone Therapy (4 parts, 80 hours) by Dr. Neal Rouzier, 2023
  • Certification in Dr. Dale Bredesen’s ReCode protocol (35 hours), 2022
  • Certification in Dre Alison Siebecker’s SIBO-pro course (35 hours), 2022
  • Certification in the AIP Coaching Program (Autoimmune Disease Management), 2023
  • Expertise in Natural Health Products (Apothecary Academy, Jean-Yves Dionne, part 1 to 4), 2022-2023
  • Certification in managing exposure to Mold by Dr. Jill Crista, 2023
  • Ongoing certification: Complex Cases by Dr. Tom Moorcroft (Lyme disease and confections)

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Anne Isabelle Dionne for the following issues:

  • Digestive health (dysbiosis, SIBO, irritable bowel, leaky gut, etc.)
  • Men’s hormonal health (andropause, thyroid)
  • Women’s hormonal health (menopause, PMS, perimenopause, thyroid)
  • Immune health (autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, AIP diet)
  • Cardio-metabolic health (dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, overweight)
  • Cognitive health (Bredesen protocol)
  • Environmental medicine (mold exposure)
  • Longevity medicine / overall prevention / health promotion

Dr. Èvelyne Bourdua-Roy

Dr. Bourdua-Roy graduated from the University of Montreal in family medicine and has been practicing in Quebec, Canada, since 2015. She is certified in obesity medicine by the American Board of Obesity Medicine and holds a certificate in addiction medicine from the University of Sherbrooke.

In 2017, she founded Clinique Reversa, a non-profit clinic that assisted people in reversing lifestyle-related chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes through therapeutic carbohydrate restriction and fasting. Dr. Bourdua-Roy has authored or co-authored seven books on metabolic health, low-carbohydrate diets, and fasting, including two published by Thierry Souccar in France.

She currently works at the CMIE clinic in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec, with clinical interests in metabolic health, particularly hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance, lifestyle-related chronic disease reversal through therapeutic carbohydrate restriction and fasting, therapeutic applications of the ketogenic diet, sugar addiction, and longevity medicine.

Specialized Training:

  • Micro-program in addiction medicine, University of Sherbrooke, September 2022 to June 2023
  • Training in food addiction with Bitten Jonsson Bristol, May 2022, and Holistic Medicine for Addiction, September 2022 to June 2023
  • Training in the psychology of weight loss and appetite regulation with Dr. Helen McCarthy, Clinical Consulting Psychologist, September 2021, The British Psychological Society
  • ABHRT (bio-identical hormones) certification by the Academy for Preventive and Innovative Medicine, online training, 2020-2021
  • Mental health and ketogenic diet training with Dr. Georgia Ede, American psychiatrist, www.diagnosisdiet.com, fall 2020
  • Female hormone therapy training with Dr. Sylvie Demers (author of the book “Hormones au féminin, repensez votre santé,” published by Éditions de l’homme), Gatineau, September 2020
  • Obesity medicine certification: American Board of Obesity Medicine, United States, 2019
  • Course on obesity medicine: Blackburn Course in Obesity Medicine, Harvard University, June 2018
  • Certificate in chronic pain management through nutrition, Academy of Integrative Pain Management, United States, 2017
  • Over 150 credits of recognized continuing medical education by the Collège des médecins du Québec in low-carbohydrate diets, ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting, and lifestyle medicine
  • Observership in lifestyle-related chronic disease reversal at the Intensive Dietary Management clinic in Scarborough, under the supervision of Dr. Jason Fung, nephrologist, and Megan Ramos.

You can schedule an appointement with Dr. Èvelyne Bourdua-Roy for the following issues:

  • Metabolic health (hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, diabetes)
  • Reversal of lifestyle-related chronic diseases through therapeutic carbohydrate restriction and fasting
  • Therapeutic applications of the ketogenic diet
  • Sugar addiction
  • Longevity medicine / health promotion
  • Men’s hormonal health (andropause, thyroid)
  • Women’s hormonal health (menopause, PMS, perimenopause, thyroid)
  • Weight loss

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