Nutrition and Naturopathy

For a change of habit rather than a diet  

We offer nutrition and naturopathy services, which help patients optimize their health through natural, holistic and evidence-based approaches, such as diet, supplements, and herbal medicine. 

Joëlle Landry, B.SC.  


Member of the National Association of Naturopaths (NAN), Bachelor in Physical Education and Health, graduate of BioSignature, First Line Therapy level 1 and 2, AAT Advanced Nutrition Institute, AAT Hormonal Cascade Institute, IENS Bio-Impedance Analysis – Gastrointestinal System, Joëlle is passionate about everything related to a healthy and vitalizing diet.

As a figure skating athlete for more than 16 years, she quickly turned to the field of nutrition. It is extremely important for her to always be on top of the latest research in the field of nutrition.  

She doesn’t believe in diets, but in changing her clients’ lifestyle habits that they will keep forever. She wants to optimize their health, accompany them and help them discover the best of themselves while having a healthy and conscious relationship with food.  

Make an appointment today at our Brossard clinic.  After all, health is a way of life!  

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To discover new healthy recipes and read articles for a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

Cathay Doyon

Naturopath & Specialist in Hormone Modulation

Cathay Doyon specializes in hormone modulation and has been a naturopath for 15 years. She practices at CMIE St-Bruno. She offers personalized services to women, men, teenagers and professional athletes through a method of hormonal modulation while educating them on healthy eating habits and lifestyle.  

What is Hormone Modulation? 

Hormone modulation is a scientific approach to managing hormonal imbalances. It is a method to balance and optimize your hormonal system through diet, supplementation and lifestyle. It harmonizes your imbalances by improving physical and mental health while allowing you to target your dominant areas of weight gain mechanism for precise and effective weight loss results. Whether it’s for increased energy, improved sleep quality, protection against the effects of stress, reduction of inflammatory symptoms (migraines, joints, eczema, digestion, pre-menopausal PMS and so on), ask for your hormone analysis and reach your health goals! 

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