Be at peace with your skin with innovative teledermatology

We have great news for you! We are delighted to announce our new partnership with IRDEC to offer the revolutionary dermascopy SkinCheck4Life program.  

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The Institute for Research in Dermatology and Aesthetics of Canada (IRDEC) is the first institute of its kind in the country in terms of treatment (and research) being 100% dedicated to the largest organ of the human body, the SKIN. 

Using teledermatology, the SkinCheck4Life Program allows the analysis of skin lesions on the whole body or a part of the body. It also allows to map and analyze moles. 

You have suspected abnormalities in one or more of your moles? Have you ever had skin cancer and want to have a follow-up to make sure everything is okay? This new technology will allow those in need of prompt attention to be managed by a carefully designed care loop, so that we can offer the best possible chance of recovery to all patients. 


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